Veronica Perfoliata

This Australian native evergreen perennial possesses round blue-grey perfoliate leaves that wrap around the stem resembling a Eucalypt leaf. Plants develop tall and upright and then sprawl, to form a clump. Beautiful flower spikes smoother the bush from spring to summer.

Botanical NameVeronica perfoliata syn. Parahebe perfoliata
Common NameVeronica perfoliata
Key FeaturesRound blue-grey perfoliate leaves wrap around the stem, resembling a Eucalypt leaf. Beautiful periwinkle lilac-blue flower spikes smoother the bush from spring to summer.
SizeGrows to 75cm high x 75cm wide.
PositionFull sun to part shade in a well-drained soil.
DescriptionSoft periwinkle lilac-blue flower spikes are showy for months.
Cultural NotesPlants may be cut to the ground in early spring to regrow for the season. Mulch well and maintain adequate moisture throughout the warmer months. Frost hardy.
Landscape IdeasExcellent for borders, in garden beds or decorative containers.
Water RequirementsLow