Rudbeckia American Gold Rush

American Gold Rush’ produces loads of golden yellow daisy-like blooms with dark centres from middle summer through to late autumn. This is a compact water wise and easy care cultivar that is highly disease resistant, perfectly suited to both containers and gardens in a full sun location.

Botanical NameRudbeckia fulgida hybrid
Common NameAmerican Gold Rush
Key FeaturesGorgeous bright, yellow-gold flowers bloom from December to March.
SizeGrowing to 50-60cm height and 60cm width.
PositionA very hardy plant which tolerates full sun, frost, heat and humidity.
Cultural NotesLow maintenance; remove spent flowers to encourage re-bloom.
Landscape IdeasIdeal for the garden, whilst also a good selection for planting in decorative pots and containers. Cut flowers are fantastic in floral displays.
Water RequirementsLow
  • Prefers Sun
  • Tolerates Dryness
  • Cut Flower