Polemonium Stairway to Heaven

A colourful cultivar with variegated green foliage that has white leaf margins. Margins become tinged with pink as a result of either direct sunlight or cooler weather. In late spring, pale violet-blue, bell-shaped flowers bloom for many weeks, an ideal groundcover in areas with average to moist soils, thriving in light shade beneath deciduous trees.

Botanical NamePolemonium reptans
Common NameStairway to Heaven
Key FeaturesDelicate light blue flowers topping ladder-like foliage from late spring into summer.
SizeFoliage growing to 30cm high x 25cm wide, with flower stems up to 40cm tall.
PositionPart to full shade with well drained soil.
Cultural NotesKeep moist in warmer weather and mulch. Protect from snails & slugs. Frost hardy, dormant over winter.
Landscape IdeasIdeal ground cover in shady positions or planted under trees, shady rockeries, container gardens and perennial gardens.
Water RequirementsMedium
  • Full to Part Shade
  • Frost Tolerant