Polemonium Bressingham Purple

An attractive herbaceous perennial suitable for part to full shade gardens as a ground cover. Deep electric lavender-blue flowers develop during spring and summer above the highly decorative purple-green fern-like foliage. Leaves appear ladder-like, hence the common name – Jacob’s ladder. Slender purple stems clothed with purple leaves carry clusters of cupped flowers, creating an attractive upright clump that flowers for months.

Botanical NamePolemonium yezoense
Common NameJacob’s Ladder
Key FeaturesScented electric lavender-blue flowers cover the plant during spring and summer.
SizeGrowing to 50cm high and 50cm wide.
PositionPart to full shade with well drained soil.
Cultural NotesKeep moist in warmer weather and mulch. Protect from snails & slugs. Frost hardy, dormant over winter.
Landscape IdeasIdeal as colour in shady positions or planted under trees, shady rockeries, container gardens and perennial gardens. Sterile form.
Water RequirementsMedium
  • Ornamental fern-like foliage year round.
  • Colour for both low light and sunny positions.
  • Great for containers as well as gardens.
  • Fast growing and low maintenance.