Digiplexis Illumination Raspberry

An extremely showy English foxglove. Tall flower spikes are loaded with deep-pink flowers speckled in peach from late winter through to autumn, a striking addition to the courtyard or garden.

Botanical NameDigitalis purpurea x Isoplexis canariensis
Common NameIllumination Raspberry
Key FeaturesHoney eating birds, bees and insects are attracted to the flower making another real benefit for these plants in your garden. They are just as easy to grow in containers as in garden beds, a real highlight for your garden.
SizeFoliage growing to 80cm x 60cm with flower stems up to 90cm tall.
PositionSelect a location with nutrient rich free draining soil, protected from wind. Tolerant of full sun and frost.
DescriptionA compact and hardy foxglove with raspberry red flowers. Rosettes of neat green foliage; freely-branching habit. Sterile. Long blooming season and will not set seed.
Cultural Notes
Landscape IdeasA spectacular plant for containers, borders, lining garden beds and pathways. Attracts pollinators to the garden, cut flowers are stunning used in floristry arrangements.
Water RequirementsLow – medium
  • Easy to grow
  • Full Sun