Allium Millenium

Millenium is a fantastic mid-late-summer-flowering allium, bearing large, rounded heads of pink-purple flowers in January and February. Like all alliums, its blooms are extremely attractive to a wide range of pollinating insects. It is an extremely easy and quick growing plant which requires little maintenance that naturally falls dormant and ‘disappears’ through the winter months, reappearing in spring.

Botanical NameAllium x nutans Millenium
Common NameOrnamental Flowering Onion
Key FeaturesLarge, rounded heads of pink-purple flowers approx 5cm in diameter.
SizeFoliage growing to 30cm height x 40cm width; flower stems up to 50cm tall.
PositionA very hardy plant which tolerates full sun, dry conditions and coastal conditions. Frost hardy, dormant in winter.
Cultural NotesExtremely low maintenance; remove spent flower heads and mulch well.
Landscape IdeasA spectacular plant used en masse in borders, containers, rockeries or lining garden beds. Cut flowers are ideal to enjoy indoors.
Water RequirementsLow
  • Full Sun
  • Great for pots